Event Equipment

When planning your event, there are a lot of planning pieces that have to come together in order for your event planning checklist to be complete! Event equipment can add touches of drama that will make your event stand out.

Let There be Dancing

A well-organized event distinguishes clear boundaries for each activity.  Where will guests eat?  Where will they mingle?  Where will the ceremony take place? Whether your event is an indoor or outdoor event, setting up a dance floor can help designate an area for dancing!  There are other uses for dance floors at your events, too.  At Event Rentals Unlimited, we offer both indoor and outdoor dance floor rentals that come in sections to meet the size specifications you need for your venue.

Don’t Forget the Red Carpet

If you’re throwing a black-tie event that calls for real glamour, consider event rentals that make your guests feel like stars! A red carpet, velour ropes, and a coat check are just some of the details that take an event from average to luxurious.

Set the Stage

Using a stage has practical purpose as well as style!  When your presentation happens on an elevated stage, your audience can enjoy every moment without struggling to find a clear sight line.  A stage can also help define roles and the agenda during an event.  The master of ceremonies and special guests sit on the stage in order of presentation.

At Event Rentals Unlimited, we offer adjustable-height staging that comes in sections.  Get what you need to set the stage for your event!  If you’d like to speak with someone who can help you consider all the details of your event, tell us about your event plans!